"Those supremely thin, hearth-blistered pizzas coming out of upscale pizzerias these days? We love ‘em, but trying to replicate the conditions of an 800-degree wood-fired oven in your kitchen is a good way to meet your local fire department. Enter the Grandma pie, that rectangular number you’ve likely spied at any old-school pizza joint. Done right, it has all the flavor and complexity of its artisanal cousin: an olive oil–crisped bottom; a pillowy-soft middle; and a rich, cheesy top cut by zippy sauce. The best part? The Grandma is the most reliably delicious pizza you will ever make at home. Prepared in a standard sheet pan and baked at a home-oven-friendly temperature, this pie is as welcome at your next cocktail party as it is at a Sunday supper. And since it’s equally tasty room temp or straight from the oven, it’s a natural for do-ahead entertaining. To unlock the Grandma’s secrets, we visited Frank Pinello, owner of Brooklyn’s aptly named Best Pizza. He helped us create an at-home pie recipe so good, so simple, you’ll wonder why thin was ever in."